Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Extreme Makeover SL edition/Boogie Wonderland

I promise I won't always write about SL (Second Life). Those of you who tune in regularly know that I try to write about ways to go beyond podcasting in the classroom and other ways to integrate emerging technologies in the classroom.

But - today is not one of those days. A lot happened yesterday, and like a giddy teenager with her (or his) first crush, I have to tell you all of the details!

First, last night was Extreme Makeover Ahna edition. I was sick of the hair that I had - it looked like I was bald and had a large rodent stuck on me (apologies potentially to BlueSkunk Johnson - I can't remember if you're bald, but the rat on your shoulder looks really good on you!). So I went to Paris - New Paris that is, the SL version - because - well? Where else do you go for fashion? Meet the new Ahna. I rather think she is cute. :)

Then I went walking around. I met Curious Raymaker because she saved me from a strange young man who felt the need to hit on me. I was hoping to avoid that in Eduisland, but I suppose it could happen anywhere. We ended up in front of Meg Writer's house, which she had just finished remodeling. She asked us in for our opinions - and a great talk on pop culture/educational technology. She showed us her brand new stereo system - which led us to our next topic - the 80's dance party.

That's right - we got jiggy with it.

I can't help but wonder, though, how many possibilities exist for educational uses of SL. Sure, it is bound to be misused by some, but what isn't? I'm still not comfortable bringing a student into SL, as it is still far too creepy for them (see Ahna, hit-on-by-creepy-guy, above), but if we can un-creepify the situation a bit, how useful is this for them? They could build their own classroom environment, building projects where they could LIVE the material, not just learn it. How very cool. It makes me so excited, I have to dance!

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Doug Johnson said...

No offense taken. But it is a pet mouse, not a rat. And he happens to be sensitive about his weight, OK?

Nice visiting with you. Glad you got the fashion tips you needed.