Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Does podcasting enhance oral literacies?

Jane Nicholls is currently researching the benefits of podcasting and would like some help conducting her research. She writes:

*** ICT U Can!: A request for help:
I am currently undertaking research looking at the question:
In what ways does podcasting enhance oral literacies?
I have been gathering data in my own context but I would love to hear what other teachers have found when using podcasting in their classroom programme and add voices from further a field into my final write up.
I hope that you can help her with this very important question.

I think that it most certainly does. Especially if you consider the learn/unlearn/relearn literacy that Toffler wrote about. My students are learning/unlearning/and relearning with every podcast that we do - whether they produce them or just consume them. What about you? Share your opinions with this New Zealand colleague. Thanks!

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Jane Nicholls said...

Hi Sarah
Thank you for your post with regards to my podcasting project. I have received so many replies it will make my research a lot richer. I just love this online collaboration stuff :) I'm glad I came across your blog too, another gem to add to my aggregator.