Thursday, February 8, 2007

mp3 and Audio Books

So I was directed to this article on audio books and mp3 players today. The article begins by referencing a teacher at the college level who is using mp3 players in her foreign language class. Why is it that universities and colleges are jumping on the bandwagon with this and high schools and middle schools are not? What is going on that secondary schools are not seeing the potential this has to impact education? But I digress...

The article goes on to talk about how only 5% of teens (of only 1000 surveyed) listen to audiobooks on their mp3 player. But I ask you, good Devil's Advocate that I am, is that really because they aren't interested? Or is it because no educator in their lives are using these amazing tools in an educational way? I believe that if I were to offer a digital version of a textbook to my students as well as a traditional kind, that my students would choose the digital version every time. It is easier to carry, and easier to access. I even had a student ask me if there was a digital version this year! I believe that if we as educators were to promote these tools, that far more students would take advantage of them.

At any rate, at the end of the article, it talks about how audiobooks will never replace the printed book. I disagree with that statement completely. That is like saying that this new fangled printing press will never replace the type-set variety! Of course the audiobook will replace the printed book - the question is when. I believe that audiobooks will look different than they do today. On my Nano, for instance, I have the first Choose Your Own Adventure. I can read along on my screen as it is read to me. How cool is that? I believe that textbooks and other educational books will be the same way - they will be available as a file that you can both read and hear. Now that is cool, and much easier for ALL students to access. So I guess the biggest question of all, is what are you waiting for?

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