Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Digital Storytelling

Okay, so my students have completed the digital story. First of all, I must admit that I totally screwed up for them. I created the file as a windows media file. Guess what? iPod doesn't support that. Duh. I knew that already. So, back to the drawing board for me.I was surprised to find, however, that my students weren't nearly as into that as they were my original podcast. I think part of it was a portability issue, which I will address for the future. But I think part of it, too, was that it wasn't as authentic when it was a story from me, as a newscast from France is. Maybe next time, I will have a "real live" French person record it, and see if that works any better for me.I was pleased with the result. If you don't have PhotoStory3 yet, download it here. It is a really fun thing to play around with.

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