Sunday, November 5, 2006

Starting Out

I am so excited about the iPod prospects - not only for my classroom - but for my school. I thought that the use of iPods could aid in the acquisition of material, but I was surprised that after only one week that the numbers could jump so quickly!I did learn a few very important things. Firstly, 7 minutes is just too long. I need to try and keep the podcasts to around 2-5 minutes if possible. This is a bit complicated by the addition of a song to my podcast, but I know that it could be do-able.I've also found that some students just don't know as much about podcasts as you'd think they do. I was surprised to find that many of my students did not know what a podcast was, let alone how to access it. I even had a student tell me that he didn't use iTunes because it was expensive (iTunes is a free download - music costs around $.99 per song, but most podcasts and some music are free)!This week, I'll be giving the kids a digital story that they have to watch/listen to, and then fill out a short questionnaire about. I'm hoping that this will equally help them. Also, later this year I hope to have the kids do their own photostory - much like they would for a video project.

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