Thursday, October 18, 2007

Realizing the Vision II: Tools for Differentiation

I want to take a moment to plug a conference that my district is putting on next month. It is called Realizing the Vision II: Tools for Differentiation - or RV II. While the conference is only open to staff in our district (I think), I am working with another teacher to create ways for others to hear/see some of the PD that will go on here.

The conference will be held in Michigan on November 19-20. Will Richardson and Annette Lamb will be keynoting the event. MACUL will be bringing in presenters, and we have some local folk who will be presenting, too (myself included). It should be a very worthwhile experience.

So why am I telling you this if we are only opening the conference to our district? Because there are several different ways to follow the conference if you are not an FHPS staff member.

1.) Twitter. Follow the "official" conference feed here.
2.) Hitchikr. Follow the "official" conference hitchikr site here.
3.) Coming soon: the "official" conference web site here.

We hope you can Realize the Vision with our district!

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1 comment:

ben said...

I'll more than likely be posting away on my blog in between sessions, so there's at least one more place to follow online :)

I think a fair number of MACUL people may also be posting on MACUL Space (, so look out for info popping up there too.